are sound absorbing insulations , in particular the production of cabins , shields,containers and accompanying steel constructions.We do complex works from designing to realization and assembling.
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     dBP Products Limited Liability Company in Rawicz is aware of its aims and aspirations in which the most important is the client. The company realizes the entrusted tasks on the highest quality level what is confirmed by the obtained certificates of Technical Transport Supervision according to the following norms :
  Arrow  PN-EN ISO 9001-2009 in the matter of: 'Designing and realization of sound insulating steel constructions.Control,repairs,modernization and preparation for indirect and periodic tests of road cisterns for the transport of goods acc to ADR class 2,3.'
  Arrow  PN EN ISO 3834-2:2007-Management of quality in welding. We possess the certificate given by the Institute of Welding in Duisburg in the matter of the norm:
  Arrow  DIN 18 800-7 class D
  Arrow  DIN EN 15085

We weld with the methods : MIG,MAG,TIG.

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