are sound absorbing insulations , in particular the production of cabins , shields,containers and accompanying steel constructions.We do complex works from designing to realization and assembling.
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     dBP Products Limited Liability Company came into being 14 July 1989. The company first employed 17 people , including 3 office workers. The next years brought the firm's development and investments into stock. Currently the company is a part of the group PK Pieprzyk and it employs 150 people. The main aim of the firm's management for the next years is the extension of the works in the mechanical and production part and the training of specialists.
     We possess the certificate according to the quality norm PN-EN ISO 9001-2001 and the welding requirements according to the norm DIN 18 800-7. We weld with the methods MIG,MAG and TIG.
     Highly qualified workers guarantee the good realization of the undertaken required tasks. Our constructors are equipped with modern systems of supported design and are able to meet your requirements. We are open to any suggestions and forms of co-operation with reliable business partners.

dBP Products